Saturday, March 7, 2015

TBC Weekly Baptist Roundup . . . 200 weeks and counting

Today I'll send the 200th edition of TBC Weekly Baptist Roundup, the Texas Baptists Committed e-newsletter.

My initial purpose in creating the Roundup was to keep TBC's name at the front of people's minds. But TBC Weekly Baptist Roundup has become so much more. It has given me the opportunity to, among other things:
  • Highlight upcoming Baptist events and provide links for readers to learn more about the event, register, etc.
  • Shine a spotlight on the many good things going on in Baptist life, such as the work of Texas Baptists' Disaster Response team, CBF field personnel, etc.
  • Give special focus to coverage of events such as Texas Baptists' Annual Meetings; meetings of the BGCT Executive Board; CBF General Assemblies; and SBC Annual Meetings
  • Highlight the activities of Baptist students and schools, in Texas and elsewhere
Two hundred weeks - not quite 4 years - may not seem like a lot for a publication. For me, however, it's a milestone, because when I began the Roundup, I really had no idea whether it would be accepted and, therefore, whether it would last past a few months. So it's been a nice surprise in those 4 years to be told continually by so many persons - including church staff, denominational leaders, and laypersons - that they appreciate receiving it and read it regularly. Keeping that commitment for 200 consecutive weeks has meant publishing the Roundup from Hong Kong (September 2011), Israel (April 2012), and several different hospitals (while my son was recovering from his stroke in 2013). It takes considerable time each week, but I've found it's well worth the time and effort. (Truth be told, it was good therapy for me while spending 15-hour days in those hospitals.)

The Roundup's main value is serving as a "one-stop shop" for articles from a wide variety of sources. But it's those sources that do the main work, and I'm indebted to them for providing such outstanding material, week after week.

So thank you to:
  • Marv Knox, Ken Camp, George Henson, and their staff at the Baptist Standard, as well as their fine collection of op-ed writers
  • David Wilkinson, Bob Allen, Jeff Brumley, Robert Dilday, and their staff at Baptist News Global, and their fine collection of columnists as well
  • Rand Jenkins and the Texas Baptists Communications staff
  • Bill Webb and his staff at Word&Way
  • Staff and columnists for The Baptist Times
  • The news & PR staffs of various Baptist colleges and universities
  • The CBF staff & contributors to the CBF blog
  • Numerous fine bloggers and op-ed writers
(And I apologize to anyone I've inadvertently omitted - the sources are many!)

I'm so thankful for what these journalists and writers do every week to keep Baptists informed and give them different perspectives to ponder and discuss. They are truly the ones who make the Roundup what it is.

Finally, thank you - TBC friends and supporters - who read the Roundup regularly. You are my commitment, because I know you expect the Roundup to keep you informed. Last week's issue set a new all-time high; more people than ever before opened last week's Roundup. Thank you so much for coming back every week.