Friday, June 6, 2014

Fresh expressions . . . of TBC (part 2)

In addition to introducing a new TBC logo, this week we've given the home page of TBC's Web site an 'extreme makeover'; thankfully, it was much less expensive than the 'extreme makeovers' you see on cable TV.

The cluttered, text-heavy look of the old home page has been replaced by . . .

  • 3 quick-click buttons at the top
    • What is TBC?
    • Join/Renew/Donate
    • Join Our Mailing List
followed by . . .
  • 3 rows containing 9 major navigation categories
    • Help for Pastor Search Committees
    • TBC Weekly Baptist Roundup e-Newsletter
    • Texas Baptists Committed Blog
    • Videos
    • TBC on YouTube
    • Article Archives
    • TBC Mission Statement
    • Current TBC Update
    • Other Baptist Sites
Finally, at the bottom of the page are four photo boxes, continually cross-fading (a Web term I learned during this process) between photos of just a few of the folks who have been a part of TBC life through the years.

I hope you'll find TBC's new home page not only welcoming and attractive, but easier to use and helpful in your own journey as a Baptist. Whether you live in Texas or Georgia or North Carolina or Virginia, or even Africa or the United Kingdom (yes, our TBC Weekly Baptist Roundup has readers in all these places), if you are committed to staying true to historic Baptist principles of truth and freedom in Christ, you are a Texas Baptist in spirit.

The folks shown in those photos at the bottom of our home page are representative of the thousands who have supported TBC and worked to carry out its mission over the years. If you are a TBC supporter, count yourself among them, for you are TBC.

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